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8 Bathroom Renovation Steps to Your Next Bathroom

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When it comes to doing your bathroom renovation, there are some steps that you want to follow. The order that you go in is fairly important. The bathroom renovation steps that are laid out here are in order to let you know what you should start with and where he should go next.

While this is not a comprehensive plan that includes every small detail, and it assumes that you understand most of what goes into doing a bathroom remodel, the bathroom renovation steps here will give you a general overall guideline and allow you to track the progress of the contractor or labourer that you hire to do the job.

The Planning Stage

First is the planning stage. This is the stage where you will examine your bathroom carefully, take pictures of all the problem areas, decide which things in your bathroom you want to keep in what you can upgrade and determine what your final budget is going to be. Before you can get to any of the bathroom renovation steps where action is required, you are going to need a plan and that plan should include how much your renovation is going to cost, broken down by each fixture or type of item that you are going to upgrade, the labor and time involved and where your priorities lie.

The Demolition Stage

The demo will be the next of your bathroom renovation steps. The demolition stage is where you will take out any of the fixtures that you are replacing, uninstall hardware and basically clear the entire room so that you can start the actual remodel. This is one of those bathroom renovation steps that are difficult to estimate, both in time and in cost, because it depends upon what you are doing, whether you’re hiring someone for the job, whether you have to work around pipes or electrical and dozens of other variables. There may be surprises that will require a great deal of work to correct, and these always crop up in the demolition stage.

Install Shower Pan & Shower Framing

You also want to install your shower pan and shower framing directly after the demolition is done. You want to make sure that you have enough framing in place with heavy enough wood to be able to support your shower and especially your shower door. Glass shower walls and doors can be extremely heavy, so you need a solid support system in place before you install them. Once your frame is in place with two by fours, you can use Styrofoam for the insulation. After that, you can hang the concrete board with half-inch concrete screws. You can use longer screws if you feel as if those will not support the weight. You want to use a trowel to smooth and seal any caulking and get rid of any raised areas. You will also be installing the shower drain at this point.

Toilet Bowl, Paint & Tile

Your next of the bathroom renovation steps is to install your toilet bowl as well as the floor around it, and then paint the walls of your bathroom. You’re not going to install the entire toilet at this point. You still want room to build a move around and access all of the different areas the immediate access. But installing your toilet bowl will ensure that it gets hooked up to the plumbing and that your floor around it is solid. You will also be installing your tiling during this step. This is a good step to take while the concrete under the shower pan is drying. You will start with the tiling that you are doing outside of the shower and then tile your shower last.

selecting bathroom paint

The right paint will make your bathroom pop!

Install Lighting

Lighting is the next of the bathroom renovation steps you want to install. Lighting should be done fairly early before you get everything moved in and created a tight space that you won’t have room for a ladder or the tools that you need. Make sure that you get someone with electrical experience to install your lighting if you do not have that particular expertise. Electrical work should always be done by someone with experience or qualifications in the area because it can be dangerous.

Install Vanity & Finish Toilet

Installing your vanity is your next of the bathroom renovation steps. Move your vanity and screw your layers in the place as well as securing the vanity against the wall. Before you do that though, you may want to install the rest of your toilet since it may be more difficult to access the toilet space once you get the vanity moved in. This will depend upon how your bathroom is laid out and the size of the bathroom.

Install Sink, Faucet, Shower Head

Now, you will install your sink, faucets, shower heads and the like. You should have already done all the plumbing work that is required for this so when you install your vanity in the previous of the bathroom renovation steps, your piping should already have been available to be placed within the vanity or next to it so that it could easily be connected to your sink once you brought it in. At this point, you can test all of your plumbing and make sure that everything is working as well as your electrical.

Install Hardware & Accessories, Decorate

Finally, install all your hardware including the knobs in candles for your vanity and other furniture items, install accessories like your toothbrush holders, soap dispensers and the like, install hardware like towel racks and towel caddies, bring in all your linens including window treatments and then do any decorating that you feel like doing. All these actions are the last in the bathroom renovation steps. Once you have all of your decorations in place and the last towel is hung up on the rack, then your job is finally done and you will be able to enjoy your new bathroom. Hopefully, this guide has given you a basic thumbnail sketch of how you should proceed with your renovation.

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mars_design8 Bathroom Renovation Steps to Your Next Bathroom

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