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4 Ways to Estimate Your Bathroom Renovation Cost

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There are several ways that you can estimate the amount of money you’ll spend on a bathroom renovation. There is no doubt the bathroom renovation cost is expensive though, starting around $3000 for a budget renovation that you yourself and upwards of perhaps $35,000 for something that you contract out completely.

That’s why it is so important to know the cost of a bathroom remodel or renovation before you go in. Taking as many different approaches as possible to get that renovation cost is going to be your best bet when it comes to paying a fair price and making sure that you do not get overcharged. You definitely fare better when you are informed and ask more questions.

Calculate Materials & Labour Manually

One way that you can your calculate bathroom renovation cost is by calculating everything manually. You will start with all the materials that you need in order to do a bathroom renovation. This means doing some shopping online and looking up prices for fixtures like a new tub or shower, a new toilet, a new sink and a vanity. Then you also have to calculate how much it is going to cost you to re-tile by measuring the area you want to re-tile and finding out how much tell you will need. You also need to calculate how much area you have to paint and what that paint is going to cost.

You obviously need to incorporate labour in with that. If you’re going to be doing all the work yourself, then you may not have to pay for someone else to come in and do the labour for you. However, if you are hiring a contractor, in the labour is going to be extremely expensive. Even if you’re just hiring a handyman that is giving you a reduced rate, the labour is still going to be one of your highest costs. You also need to worry about hardware and bathroom accessories including linens. These are not a huge part of the total calculation, but they do add up depending upon how many you get in which one to choose. It does take some time and effort to calculate bathroom renovation manually, but it can be worth it to make sure you are fully informed on every step.

Get a Quote from a Bathroom Renovation Specialist

You could also calculate bathroom renovation by getting a quote from a contractor. The nice thing about getting a quote from a contractor is that you don’t have to put forth all of the effort that you would if you had decided to calculate everything yourself. Most of the time, all you have to do is take pictures of your bathroom from every angle and fill in a little bit of information about your house and your bathroom preferences and the contractor will email you or text you a quote. It’s a very simple way to calculate bathroom renovation, but it does have the disadvantage of not knowing whether you are getting a fair price or not.

One of the ways that you can combat this problem is by getting a quote from several contractors in a row. By getting everyone to give you their best quote, you are able to see what the going rate actually is in your city or town and choose the lowest rate that you’re comfortable with. The lowest rate is not always the best rate, but you can definitely see what the price ranges are and then choose the one you think is going to be the best value for the job. Make sure that you add around 10% to whatever the contractor quoted you. That’s just the way things are done in the bathroom renovation business.

Always get a quote from an experienced and qualified bathroom renovation specialist.

Find out What Others Are Paying

You might also want to check and see what others are paying to calculate bathroom renovation options. You can calculate bathroom renovation costs simply by going to one of those websites online where it shows people in your area and what they paid for a bathroom remodel or renovation. MyHomeAdvisor and Angie’sList are two such services that are advertised on television but don’t mistake their inclusion as any sort of endorsement. There may be better services out there on the web that do not advertise as heavily on television.

When you find out what others are paying for bathroom renovations, you are able to add those together into and come up with an average that is likely to be what will allow you to calculate bathroom renovation costs. You do want to try to do it with people that are in your area because construction costs can vary from one area to another.

Use an Online Estimation Tool

There is also the online estimation tool that you can use if you want to come up with a number. To calculate bathroom renovation costs this way, you have to have the same information on the materials and labour that you will be using as you would have to have with the first step. The only difference is, you can skip getting research prices because all that is done for you. You just need to know how many tiles you’re going to be buying, how much paint you need, how much you’re willing to pay a contractor or labourer and various other things that the estimating tool asked for.

One thing that you may want to keep in mind when you calculate bathroom renovation cost this way is that you are probably going to get a certain degree of inaccuracy. You can expect your final cost to be somewhere probably between 10% higher and 10% lower than what the tool actually gave you is an estimate. These tools are usually intended for a quick estimate for someone who wants to find out what the ballpark would be. They are not really recommended for people that want to come up with an accurate estimate that they can use to budget their financials on. However, they can still be useful because it shows you how to calculate your budget for the renovation yourself.

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