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4 Reasons to Choose a Bathroom Mirror with Lights

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One of the ways that you can light up your bathroom is by installing a new mayor that has lights already included with it. Not everyone appreciates the incorporation of lighting into a bathroom mirror, but that may be because they have had limited experience with modern lighting and with fixtures like mirrors and cabinetry.

You definitely want to check out modern designs when it comes to bathroom mirror lighting. Of course, if you are going with older designs, there are still bathroom mirror with lights options out there to fit that decor as well. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of choosing to go with a lighted mirror instead of conventional bathroom lighting.

A Bathroom Mirror with Lights is Centrally Located

The first terrific thing about having a bathroom mirror with lights is that it is centrally located. Generally, your mirror sits right in the centre of your bathroom so that you can easily see in both directions if you install the right lighting. This is actually quite beneficial because some contractors do not install lighting properly and end up placing a light right over the doorway so the illumination does not extend all the way into the bathroom. Homeowners often have to supplement with wall lamps so that they do not have to take a shower in the dark.

But when you choose a bathroom mirror with lights, you are able to light up the central part of your bathroom and then have the light spread out in both directions so that it lights up both the back of the bathroom and the doorway. The brighter the lights are that you install in the mirror or the larger the quantity of the lights that you install, the brighter your bathroom is going to be. In addition, your lighting doesn’t have to work quite as hard because there is light emanating both from the light bulb itself and from its reflection. This saves you on energy costs as well.

A Bathroom Mirror with Lights Come in Tons of Styles

Another great reason to choose a bathroom mirror with lights is that they come in lots of different styles these days. Probably the most popular bathroom mirror right now is the one that has LED lighting bars around the sides or installed in the back. LED lights have become one of the most popular ways to add lighting to your bathroom through the mirror, but it is certainly not the only way.

Other bathroom mirrors have light bulbs actually installed on them. Some of them have them around the sides or in adjoining lines on each side while others have lights that shine down like spotlights from the top. Most of the time, the lights that you get with your bathroom mirror are going to be standard outlet bulbs or LEDs with no colouring. Of course, you can always add coloured light bulbs if you choose. There are also LED lighting mirrors that do come in colours that you can choose between and even some that will scroll through patterns like racing around your mirror or chasing another set of lights.

The bottom line is that while this used to be a pretty limited decor item, modern lighted mirrors come in both light and LED styles with plenty of technology included in them. Modern lighted mirrors are made to fit with all kinds of styles and they come in all shapes and sizes as well.

bathroom mirror with lights on either side

The more mood lighting the better!

A Bathroom Mirror with Lights Offers Full Flexibility

In addition, a bathroom mirror with lights offers a great deal of flexibility for anyone using the mirror. If you have a large mirror that takes up the majority of the wall in which it is placed, and you have LED lighting throughout, then the best design idea is to make sure that you can control the LED lighting separately.

For example, if you want to use as a makeup mirror, then you might just turn on the LED lights are going to be illuminating your face and be able to switch them around if they caught shadows to appear. You might also want to just turn on mood lighting by only turning on part of the mirrored panel.

The point is, lighted bathroom mirrors have lots of technology options these days. You can create pretty much any lighting that you want in your bathroom just by installing a lighted mirror that has multiple options. You have plenty of flexibility to light up part of the room, have low lighting throughout the room or any other lighting option you might need. In addition, you have the option to have additional technology installed such as speakers or an AI system.

A Bathroom Mirror with Lights is an Easy Lighting Solution

Also, a bathroom mirror is really easy to install. In fact, you may not need to do any electrical work at all. If you have an outlet that is in reach of the bathroom mirror, then it is likely you will be able to just plug it in and go. Every lighted mirror is different, and some of them draw a great deal of power, so you will have to look at the specs and see if it is something you can tie into your electrical system or if it is something that you can simply plug into an outlet in your bathroom and be done with.

Whatever the case, a bathroom mirror with lights is becoming one of the more popular bathroom renovation items out there, and that’s because they have huge advantages including the ones listed here and a few more like being able to save you on energy due to the type of lighting that they employ. Take a look at some bathroom mirrors the next time that you are thinking about upgrading and see if one catches your eye. You might also want to go into your local home improvement store just so you can see how the lighting looks up close and in person.

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