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8 Bathroom Layout Factors to Keep in Mind

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If you are building a new bathroom or remodelling your old one, then you’re going to have a brand-new layout to contend with. While there are plenty of floor plans and suggestions for bathrooms on the web, you may be looking for something more original that you create yourself.

With that in mind, here are eight tips that will allow you to maintain that creativity and control over your layout while still ensuring that your bathroom is going to be as functional, spacious and beautiful as you need it to be. Let’s delve into the bathroom layout factors to keep in mind on a remodel or new build.

Allow for Sufficient Space in Your Bathroom Layout

You should definitely allow for sufficient space in your bathroom. That means researching your fixtures and knowing what the footprint of your bathroom needs to be before you begin. For example, if you want to install a bathtub instead of a shower, then you’re going to need at least twice and possibly three times as much space. If you know that two people will be using that bathroom in the mornings, then you may want to go with a dual sink and dual mirror which has plenty of room for both of you to use it. You also need to plan out your towel racks and know which way doors are going to be opening.

Ensure Sufficient Storage

Another thing with the bathroom layout is to ensure that you have enough storage space. That’s a mistake that a lot of people make when it comes to designing a bathroom layout. They design the perfect bathroom, but they forget to add in enough him storage closets, cabinets or stackable towel racks that will allow them to store all of the items that normally get put in the bathroom. If you already have a linen closet, then you may not need as much space in your bathroom, but you still want to have things like toilet paper, wash rags, towels and bath mats available to anyone that goes in there.

bathroom storage

Bathroom storage is a must have to include in your bathroom layout.

Proper Placement within the House

Make sure to allow for proper placement of your bathroom within your house as well. Creating the perfect bathroom layout is one thing, but you also need to keep in mind that you are going to connect that bathroom with the plumbing throughout your house. This is a lot easier when you build the bathroom over existing plumbing fixtures or nearby so that you can connect them easily. It is not always possible to plan your bathroom over top of the other types and fixtures that you have in the house, but when you can plan it this way you’ll be spending a lot less money and a lot less time on your remodel.

Access to Natural Light

You want your bathroom to have plenty of access to natural light. Although you can let your bathroom up with artificial light, natural light makes it even better. Of course, it is a bathroom so you still want to have privacy, but there are plenty of windows and window treatments today that will allow you that privacy while still allowing in the maximum amount of natural light from the sun. You still want to include plenty of artificial light for when the sun goes down,

Divide Your Bathroom Layout Into Wet & Dry Zones

You also should think about dividing your bathroom into wet and dry zones. When you divide your bathroom layout into wet and dry zones, then you are able to keep the water in one area in the drive for in another. This allows you to make specific decorating choices that have to be waterproof or do not have to waterproof. For example, if the front area of your bathroom is where you store all of your towels and linens, but the toilet and bathtub or near the back, you can choose very different decorating materials for each of these areas.

Take Existing Plumbing into Consideration

Definitely look at existing plumbing is you are planning your bathroom. For example, installing a toilet at the back of your house with all the pipes are running upwards and around 10 feet away can be more difficult to manage. Of course, if you are committed to that design then go ahead and go with it, but the point is to consider any alternatives or make absolutely sure that you have considered all the options when it comes to your bathroom layout.

Create Bathroom Layout Sections

You may also want to create bathroom layout sections within your bathroom. For example, if you have a bathtub or shower, and you include an inner door to that bathtub or shower area, then people will still be able to use the front section while someone is taking a bath or shower. This can make it extremely useful for large families that have trouble getting everyone to the bathroom when they need to go. You will have to add a locking mechanism on both sides of the inner door, but this is a very inexpensive option when you compare it to adding another half-bath so that someone can use the toilet at the same time that the shower is being used.

Showers vs. Bathtubs

You should also carefully consider whether you need showers are bathtubs in your bathroom layout. Most people prefer to take a shower daily. That means that for a family of five people, you should have a least a couple of different showers available for them to use. However, there are times that people prefer a bath. That’s why many people have been creating a bathtub in a completely separate room from the toilet and shower area that allows people to take a relaxing bath for as long as they want without disrupting other people’s bathroom habits. This will depend upon your budget and how much space you have available, but it can be extremely useful for large families.

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