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6 Places to Find Bathroom Inspiration Ideas

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When it comes to bathroom inspiration ideas, lots of people wait for the idea to come along to them. Sometimes, this will actually happen. You will see something while you’re out and about, and it will inspire you to design a whole new way to decorate or design your bathroom.

But what if you haven’t had an idea in a while and you are desperate for one? That’s when you might want to take the initiative and go out and try to find some bathroom inspiration ideas yourself. These are just a few suggestions on how you can do that. Not all of them are going to be practical or helpful, but these are just some suggestions to get you started.

Go For a Walk

First, you might want to think about just going out for a walk. If you’re going to use this tip for finding decor ideas, then it is best to choose a location that you have never gone for a walk in before. Driving by does not count because you rarely pay attention to your surroundings when you’re driving. Instead, choose somewhere that you may have driven through but didn’t really pay attention to.

You can park your car somewhere and then get out and walk for a while until you come up with some terrific ideas. It is a good idea to take a voice recorder or a notebook with you to write down those ideas as they come to you. Sitting down at your kitchen table trying to come up with bathroom inspiration ideas for a remodel can cause a mental block after a while and browsing all of the options on the web can cause an overload. That’s why a walk is so effective. You get to parse information a little bit at a time and some of that may result in a much better design.

Travel to an Exotic Location

If you are up for a vacation, or you have some extra money or time in your hands, consider travelling to an exotic location that you have never been to before to get some ideas for your bathroom. If you hold off on your remodel until after you go on this vacation, you may come back with a whole new perspective on design. People that are only exposed to a limited number of design options that are all within the same geographical area often have limited bathroom inspiration.

Of course, for most people do simply isn’t going to be practical. After all, if you are paying for a bathroom remodel, then you likely don’t have the money to take an exotic vacation. If that’s the case, consider going on a virtual vacation using the web. Find a hotel that you would stay at if you went there on vacation, look at all the pictures that come with the listing, imagine what you might do during the day and check out those pictures as well. Alternatively, you can simply Google something like ‘exotic bathroom inspiration ideas.’

Read Design Blogs for Bathroom Inspiration

You should definitely check out design blogs online if you want to get some ideas for bathroom inspiration. There are a lot of great design blogs out there that will tell you everything you need to know about interior decorating. You’ll be able to learn what colours go well together, what accessories you should choose for a particular theme or motif, what styles go best with decorating periods and all kinds of other tidbits of information that are absolutely vital when it comes to redecorating and design.

The thing that is nice about blogs is that they generally focus on one subject at a time. That means that instead of browsing thousands of pictures all from completely different styles you have a more in-depth explanation of specific styles.

Bathroom inspiration magazine reading

Reading the latest renovation magazines is also a good idea to find the latest trends.

Check Out Print Books

Just because more people are going digital these days with their media doesn’t mean that books are obsolete. In fact, when it comes to interior design, you can learn a lot more from the books that are out there then from a lot of the information on the web. The benefit that you get with books is that they were written by professional interior designers in most cases and were heavily edited and changed before they were published.

While design blogs can be helpful, you never know exactly what you’re getting. You might be getting really bad advice from someone with no experience in design but likes to write about it anyway. That’s not the kind of bathroom inspiration that you need.

Check Out Current Fashion Trends

The list of current fashion trends might also give you some ideas for bathroom decor. When it comes to bathroom inspiration and inspiration for other parts of the home, it works on pretty much the same scale as home decor trends. Fashion trends can definitely give you plenty of ideas for your home decor and that includes your bathroom. The materials that they use, the way that they place colours together and the sheer uniqueness of each design can be applied towards a home decor design if you are creative enough to see the similarities.

Most people do not equate fashion with the decor in their bathroom, but what you want to be looking for is the palate used in a particular design line, the materials that make up the pieces and that design that you can use to create your own home décor items inside the bathroom and the style that really catches your eye that you can emulate within your own space.

Visit Your Favorite Places

Sometimes, you just need to go back to places you been before to get an idea for what to put in your bathroom. If you’re feeling nostalgic, and you want to create that look in your bathroom, then simply go back to places that you have not been for a long time but to use to love. These places can have an amazing impact on your bathroom inspiration because they will rekindle old memories and make you think about sights, smells, colours and other senses that could inspire new bathroom design.

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