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8 Amazing Bathroom Colours (and How to Use Them Properly)

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Choosing the right paint for your bathroom can be really fun and rewarding, but it can also be somewhat challenging. There are lots of paint colours out there and not all of them work well in small spaces like bathrooms. But there are also some bathroom colours out there that work amazingly well; especially if you compare them with the right contrasting colours.

In this article, we will be looking at some really amazing bathroom colours that fit with multiple styles. We also have the perfect contrasting colours to use for accents, baseboards, trim, crown moulding and more. You can’t go wrong when you choose one of these eight


There is a reason that so many bathrooms are painted white. Bright white is a neutral colour that not only works with just about every other colour out there, but it also has a tendency to make bathrooms look bigger. In addition, white has always traditionally stood for purity and cleanliness. You will notice if you go through a hospital that the majority of the items that you see are bright white or stainless steel; two materials/colours that make you think of sanitation when you see them. You want to choose a white that matches your tile and other furnishings, and you can pair it with black or tons of other bathroom colours.


If used correctly, black can also be a terrific colour for your bathroom is the primary. A lot of people use black accents on their white bathroom walls, but black can be a pretty amazing primary colour in your bathroom if you know how to use and where to use it – and what sort of furnishings will fit in with the black decor. Black is a drama colour. While people may feel peaceful when they walk into a bathroom that is been painted light blue or pink, black has a more startling effect. Most people pair black with white, but there are a few darker shades that can work as well.


Yellow can definitely be a shade that works in the bathroom, but it may be too over-the-top for some people. For those who prefer a calmer bathroom experience, yellow tends to work well when it is a muted shade of yellow rather than a bright shade of yellow and is paired with a lot of natural light. However, bright yellow or marigold yellow are bathroom colours that look good in bathrooms as long as you don’t mind that feeling like you just stepped outside on a bright and sunny day first thing in the morning. Great accent colour for your yellow is a white that matches your yellow shade.

Colourful bathroom

When done right, adding colour to your bathroom gives it a visual pop!


Pink can also look good in the bathroom when done correctly. Pink in the bathroom can be warm and glowing, and while there are bathroom colours that work badly or perhaps simply do not work for what you are going for, pink has the distinction of pairing with so many different colours and displaying a different result every time. For example, if you want a modern look, you might try pairing pink with a bright white or off-white. If you are trying to go girly, pairing pink with yellow or any other soft pastel works well. But you can totally change that same shade of pink into a postmodern look when you pair it with black. Pink is an extremely versatile colour, but you have to do some experimenting to find out what look is going to be best for you.


Blue-Gray is one of the classiest bathroom colours out there when it comes to painting, but you have to make sure that you have the right decor. Blue-grey paint pairs really well with darker fixtures and hardware. Rather than the standard porcelain white, you should pair of dark grey or even black tubs, sinks and toilets with this paint colour. The best colours to pair this with seem to be eggshell or ivory, or many other shades of off-white, but you can experiment with your accents because depending upon where they are, another colour can look just as good or better.


It should come as no surprise that Aqua-blue is the perfect colour for bathrooms. After all, Aqua-blue is definitely the colour of water and they shade is one of the bathroom colours out there that works almost universally as well as white. In fact, just about any of the ocean hues that you can find are going to work really well for your bathroom, and as a bonus, when you combine these ocean colours, you are able to accent them perfectly in most cases.

Cobalt Blue

A colour that seems like it was made for both the modern and the postmodern bathroom is cobalt blue. This is sort of a shocking shade of blue if you use it by itself, if you pair it with the right contrasting colour, then you’re going to get a powerhouse bathroom colour that will make people take notice. Pairing cobalt blue with bright white is the best combination you can have in the bathroom, and the second people walking through the doors they will notice how sharp it looks.

Minty Green

Finally, you can pair minty green with a few other shades to create really cool bathroom colours. Most people do not think of minty green when they think of the perfect bathroom primary colour, but it can work as long as you choose the right accents. There may also be something to think about when it comes to decor. Minty green seems to work well with lightweight bathrooms that incorporate a lot of wicker or softer furnishings. Minty green is also a really great colour for those who want to raise plants in their bathroom. The dark green of the plan seems to contrast really well off of the later shades, and this commission can be one of the best bathroom colours out there.

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mars_design8 Amazing Bathroom Colours (and How to Use Them Properly)

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